is an eclectic combination of subconscious techniques that work to give you the life you choose


Take the secret of how your mind focuses and talks to you, add that to some gentle touching of a few energy points on your face, torso and hands – nothing you can’t do in public – and you have a process to change energy flows that allows you to . . .

  • Balance and restore appropriate energies
  • Create productive unstoppable mindsets
  • Remove emotional blocks

Happiness, health, wealth and emPOWERment are all about the balance and flow of energy. Every thought is a flow of energy which creates or destroys emotions, beliefs, behaviours. And as with any flow your energy, your luck, your fortune is directable.

When these flows are good you are happy, abundant, powerful and productive.
When they are bad or blocked you’re none of the above.

CHiN☯︎SIS™ is simple. There’s no need for a quiet room, you don’t have to relax, you don’t have to close your eyes unless you want to, you don’t enter trance – unless you want to – and you don’t need potions, pills, paraphernalia or a degree in anything to get this to work for you.

You can use CHiN☯︎SIS™ at home, work, down the pub, on the sports field, backstage, at school or whilst dropping 30,000 feet from an airplane quite happily. However if you prefer to have guidance and mentoring or just to share your success with others, or maybe you want to teach others how to empower themselves, then we train Chinosis Coaches who help you focus – or manipulate your points if you are unable – who run workshops, groups and private stuff.

"It puts people's lives back in their own hands" Karen Hope R.Chi.C., Fellow.A.H.A., Southampton

“It's been a miracle worker for me. . . Just do it, just do the course. Do the course. Fabulous! ” Pat Jennings. Hypnotist and R Chi C.

Available as an ebook manual
Audio and Vimeo Video on demand

Book Kindle the CHiNOSIS method manual of energy psychology and hypnosis Jane Bregazzi and Jonathan Chase hypnotist